Büroalltag – Ablenkungen während der Arbeitszeit

Stuffing with sweets, drinking coffee and surfing the internet, that’s how we spend our everyday office life, off the beaten track.

Excursion to German offices: The colleagues have a chat in the kitchen, the others start their tuxedo break or start their second, third or late breakfast while planning their next vacation and shopping on Amazon. Meanwhile, almost all sick leave for today arrived – then it can start with the pointless meetings! Thankfully, there are smartphones that relativize the busy office routine.

A few facts about office life

Now joking aside, the Germans are not that unproductive in their daily work. Surely surfing and gossiping work hard? The employee statistically spends about 2.5 hours a week on Facebook – during working hours. Within about 10 seconds, Germany shop at Amazon and Co., eating around 85 kilos of sweets and drinking more than 4300 cups of coffee.
At an hourly rate of 16.05 euros, an employee gets about 10.70 euros for about 40 minutes chatting with colleagues. After all, is working time, right? 381,000 people arrive at work too late every day.

Overtime is not despised!

Auxmoney has published a real-time graphic (link below), uses statistical numbers and computers them for Germany every second. The data are based on statistics from the Federal Office, from companies and expert estimates.

It is not only eaten and privately surfed in the office, but actually worked. If you add the number of overtime, Germany is even in the third place in the European comparison – with 2.6 overtime per week (directly behind the Netherlands and England).

Love is in the air

Fortunately, there is some time for romance in the 40.3 hours worked per week. Every fourth date of a single takes place with a colleague. Every day, about 77,000 colleagues and colleagues get together – almost ten dates within ten seconds!

The interesting statistics of Auxmoney can be found here.

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